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Are Your Passwords Strong Enough?

Every password can be defeated given sufficient time & resources. Identify how strong your passwords need to be to protect your data from cyber criminals and others with malicious intent.

The Challenge: Your Password - Versus - The Supercomputer

Estimate password strength and survivability from an attack using the world's fastest supercomputer and an enhanced performance PC.  For your protection the calculator is designed not to require an actual password. All that's needed is the intended password length and the type of symbols to be used. It's easy. See below:

Step 1. Enter Password Length:   
(no. of characters. min=2, max=32)

Chosen Password Length: 0

Step 2. Check boxes below for each character type  your password contains (check all that apply)
Decimal digits
Lower case alpha
Upper case alpha
Special characters
+, /
Additional keyboard  special characters
Password Cardinality (No. of Symbols)
Password Strength (Entropy):
The Supercomputer Defeats The Password Within:
The PC Defeats The Password Within: